XL Studio

Building engaging and creative campaigns, events, activations, and exposure for brands to excel in gaming and games related industries.

What Do We Do?

We build engaging campaigns, events, activations, and exposure to help brands  connect with gaming audiences.


Consultants & Strategists

Trust us to work with you to build your strategy, whether that is digital, go to market, or objective driven


Social Media Experts

Community Management, Ideation, Copyrighting, and more - from organic content to boosted posts, we know how to grow your market


Influencer Managers / Content Creators / Influencer Leaders

We know influencers, and have the expertise and connections to build a custom campaign to deliver you the best results


Event Veterans

With years of event experience, we will plan, build, staff, and execute your event needs within any timeframe


Campaign Launchers

You build it, and we'll tell the audience why they want it - a crafted strategy to carry you through launch, product promotion, and ultimately delivery of ROI


Data Specialists

On top of all these services, we also give you the full package when it comes to analytics & reporting around any and all elements of your campaign

How Do We Do It?

Our Processes: Based on Experience



Provide multiple data points, options, and key drivers for your success criteria



Build multiple paths for multiple segments, and ensure breadth & options around solutions



Execute alongside you to ensure the results planned become reality



Provide comprehensive reporting that gives actionable insights on results

Why Choose XL Studio?

Experience, Expertise, Proven

What we do for you and your team
We provide a full-service capability ranging from campaign design and ideation through to deep technical executons and multi-milestone growth strategies.
How are we the best in our field
With over 5 decades of combined experience in the gaming industry, we have the best technical knowledge alongside the most creative and influential brains that the industry has on offer. This allows XL Studio to make sound recommendations based on valid experience, with the capability to take on bigger challenges than the rest.
Why you need to partner with us
Our clients partner with XL Studios to get a skilled, smart and diverse range of experience with a true passion for the industries we work in. We want to see our customers succeed and as a result we provide an industry leading service that is devoted to an end to end delivery suite through creativity, problem-solving, and empathetic execution
What are our customers asking for
Working with our customers, we don't hide behind jargon or vanity metrics. We make sure we hear the customer needs and genuinely understand the requests in order that we can deliver the best results. .
JD Sports @ Gamescom
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EE @ Insomnia
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Drastic Games @ Armageddon
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GiantX Reveal
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Who Are We?

The XL Studio Team


Jason Spiller

Studio Lead


Reagan May

Creative Lead


Jeffrey Marriott

Influencer Lead


Craig Nimmo

Ops Lead

Contact Us

Our Address
London, United Kingdom

Email: hello@xlstudio.gg
X: @xlstudiogg

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